Friday, 27 November 2015

healing time

when you thought a problem was solved
the one you worked your ass up for
but it was not
and you can't do anything about it
you just can't
"hati orang Allah je boleh ubah"

it's like a slap in the face
how powerless human are

let time heals everything

Monday, 24 August 2015


I just want to scream myself out, my heart feels so heavy these days, i'm not that happy girl that i used to be, am i having an emotional breakdown ? maybe yes. I never felt this terrible feelings in my whole life, it's a mix feelings of sad, anger, dissapointment, guilty, emptiness, lost and hurt. No one will understands, it's complicated.

Im kinda lose hope in life (no im not gonna do suicide), its just like you lose hope that you just wait fr the day fr you to die, blindly, slowly, zero motivation, just like a brief candle...

I miss the old days, when i was small, where the only thing that i hated the most was to wake up in the morning fr school....the day when technology was not this good, that whatsapp didn't dont know how much technology can change people and messed up somebody's life...but i know..and some of us know..

I'm crying deep inside and it's tiring, i dont know how long i can hold myself together.

Oh Allah, help me, please.